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East Harlem!

East Harlem or better known as the El Barrio is home to 134,000 people who work hard and love their children! It is the birthplace to such notable people as Langston Hughes, Tito Puente, Al Pacino, Tupac Shakur, Mark Anthony, and many more! It is one of the centers of Latino culture in NYC and beyond.

East Harlem’s population is diverse and very young with 30% under the age of 18. East Harlem is 24% foreign born, 29% African American/African, 45% Latino with 10.7% of Mexican decent, 7.5% Asian, and 15% being white non-Hispanic.

Community Challenges



Harlem's Poverty Rate is at a high - 1 in 5 students live in family shelters


Absentee Rate for elementary students


High School Graduation Rate

Shelters in East Harlem is the highest in Manhattan


Our Collaborative Partners

These challenges require a collaborative solution! Code for Life has partnered with Nyack College, Taino Towers, Exodus Transitional Community, Operation Equivalency, National Society of Black Engineers, local schools, churches, and the tech community to equip the young people with the life and tech skills they will need to thrive in life!

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